The United States Marine Corps

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The United States Marine Corps is one of the most deadly task forces in the military. The United States Marines are a branch of the Navy and they operate in close with them at sea. The United States Marine Corps has a unique mission, they serve on the Navy’s ships, protect United States Naval bases, guard United State Embassies, and provide and quick and ready strike force to protect any of the United States interests. The first regiment or battalion of the United States Marine Corps was created by an act of congress on November 10, 1775. At first the Marines helped the Navy and the Army for things that required troops who could fight on the sea and on land. The first battalions of the United States Marine Corps were led by Captain Samuel …show more content…

The units learn how to move as a team while quickly completing basic tasks. In week three, the Drill Instructors teach the recruits how to properly use the bayonet to kill someone. In week four, the recruits undergo cole combat with another recruit using pugil sticks which is supposed to simulate rifle combat. They fight on top of wooden bridges and in simulated trenches. In week five, the recruits learn unarmed combat or martial arts. They also learn the history and culture of martial art techniques. There are 5 colored belt levels. In order they are: Tan, gray, green, brown, and black. In order for a recruit to even earn the title of Marine they must qualify for the tan belt. Week 6, recruits lear how to rappel and overcome their fears. Drill instructors use rappelling to give the recruits a sense of confidence and courage when they complete this. Week 7, recruits learn safety and marksmanship principles with their rifle without ammunition. The recruits learn how to fire from every position (sitting, kneeling, standing, and in the prone ). Week 8, recruits start to train with live rounds. They first start out with a warm-up, they shoot 50 rounds slowly, then they rapid shoot 10 rounds. At the end of the week the recruits undergo the qualification and try to get the best score out of a max of 250 points on the three courses. Week 9, the recruits undergo 11 unique challenges that build confidence. First, the recruits

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