The United States Military Operations

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Introduction: Some people disagree that the military actions taken by the United State (U.S) in Afghanistan was not justified considering soldiers and civilian’s causalities, the waste of time and equally so the mismanagement of resources. As a result, there are stupendous argument or proof to support these facts contradictorily; there are even stronger and amazing points of view that support the justifications of military presence by the U.S. in Afghanistan. The main reasons for the military operation by the U.S. in Afghanistan were to fight the “war on terror” and to weakening the terrorist organisation network worldwide as a measure to restrict training, travel and to prevent radicalisation of the fundamentalist worldwide. This essay…show more content…
These freedoms are also known as “Civil liberties” (Kearns, 2010). Civil liberties are portrayed as the right to participate in election process, the right to practice or be a member of any religious organisation, the right to share one thought and to gain knowledge from one another as a result to promote creative society and freedom of expression that will flourish (Kearns, 2010). Notwithstanding, not only in the U.S.A do people practice these freedoms of expression but also in other parts of the world for example, in Europe and Australia wherein citizen can gather together to debates and discuss critical issue that matters to them including the accountability of the government policy domestically and internationally and other significant agenda to promote a democratic society. In contrast t to other nations that have been discussed about previously in this essay, like the U.S., some countries in Europe and Australia many other still undermine freedom of expression, or even if the freedom of express is practice is of limited. In these kind of nations citizen must obey and follow the same political party or same religion organisation. Therefore, any citizen who dares stand up against the government will be declare as a criminal will be prosecuted or executed (Kearns, 2010). In places like Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban, girls were forbidden to be educated, western-style of dressing and music were outlawed
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