The Use Of Force From The United States

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Use Of Force

Every day across the United States, law enforcement officers are found within situation where they must take immediate actions to calm on-going conflicts. With targets. As to everything we do, there must be a particular action we need to do prior. A guitarist first tunes his guitar before playing; an athlete first warms up before playing sports; as well to a police whom needs to be prepared before beginning shift, knowing there is a possible risked that could go drastic within a few seconds. If a suspect were to murder someone right in front of them, what would an officer do? What force would Law enforcement proceed with? Or perhaps it would all come to a shock and a total surprise as in the case of Tracey Thurman in …show more content…

When appropriate use of force is acted upon, it is in cases that are permitted under certain circumstances such as that of in defense either in themselves, individuals or a group of individuals. When broadly speaking upon law Enforcement cases, no two are the same, they may be similar, but never the same, therefore there is no universal set pair of rules to follow during a potentially threatening situation. Officers have obtained proper certified training to judge when proper use of force is required to regain control.
When explaining “how much” use of force is needed, it all comes down to the situation the officer or officers are facing. When applying for a targeted person, use of force may be defined either excessive or justified. When applying use of force to a target, unpredictable events may turn drastic, time is scarce and only seconds are available to determine proper response, thus doing what is necessary in the heat of the moment. Nonetheless, there has been open and obvious use of excessive force in American policing.

If we exam the case of the Rodney King beating that occurred in the early 90’s. Clear video footage was seen and any person with or without knowledge of law would determine things were handled in extremely unprofessional and unjust ways. In today’s society, the fear of repeating unjust ways and acts against unruly citizens or any targeted person,

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