The United States Of America Essay

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In today’s world, the United States of America only accounts for about 5% of the total global population. Quite surprisingly, compared to the global population, the United States still accounts for over 23% of the world’s amount of incarcerated peoples, therefor giving the United States first place in the running for the largest amount of incarcerated people. The reasons the United States incarceration rates are so high is driven by the disproportionate incarceration of minorities. The chances of an African American being incarcerated are six times greater than a Caucasian person. If that number doesn’t seem that high to you, then take into account that for every ten Caucasians there are about sixty African Americans incarcerated. You can also look to the right to get an idea of the large difference as well. Historically speaking, the United States laws have demonstrated its discrimination towards African Americans within the criminal justice system, and can date back to the laws and practices against Africans American’s like slavery and Jim Crow Laws. This is not always the simple discrimination you think of when you think of a white officer pulling over two vehicles, one with a white guy and one with a black guy, for the same violations, and giving the white guy a warning and the black guy a ticket. The justice systems discrimination goes quite deeper than that. Many believe slavery is to blame for such discriminatory penal practices today, as “embedded racism in the

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