The United States ' Take Back Control

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Brexit has caused a divide amongst the UK population, with 52 to 48 percent in favor of leaving. “Take back control” has been at the forefront of the Brexiter’s campaign, some arguing the UK Parliament had lost its power when it passed the European Communities Act of 1972. For the structure of this paper, I will start by highlighting key arguments put forward by Brexiters as they relate to Parliamentary sovereignty. Followed by a comprehensive look at Parliamentary and other types of sovereignty and what they imply, followed by a decision whether the UK will regain power by canceling its membership to the EU. Key Reasons for Argument: “Taking back control.” Immigration – the UK does not have enough control over its borders. Under the current EU’s fundamental right of free movement, any citizen of a member state may move and work in the UK without first getting a visa, and in some circumstances, access to benefits. The migrant crisis that has found its way to the UK’s doorstep in Calais, France has created a cause for concern as migrants try to make it to UK soil and claim asylum. By leaving the EU, Brexiters argue, the UK government will have the power necessary to stop and control the migrant invasion. National security and defence – due to the previously mentioned right to free movement, the UK is leaving the door open to terrorist attacks. The open border policy does not allow the UK to check and control people. Regaining authority over its borders puts the UK in a
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