The United States The Average School Year

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Stephen Paltoo
Professor Hillary Gulley
English 110W
6 December 2014
Insert Title Here In the United States the average school year is approximately 180 days across the span of ten months. During this time the students are expected to learn the material and be able to apply the information they learned on a standardized test. By being able to pass these exams, the students are considered to be proficient in the subject and is eligible to move on to the next grade. However, before children are able to take these tests, they must learn the information by following a curriculum. Over the past two years there has been an overhaul to the curriculum that students and teachers have known and used for more than six years. It has brought great controversy on whether or not this new system known as the “Common Core” is truly helping students learn and apply themselves better compared to the previous curriculum. The common core curriculum in America’s educational system today is detrimental to the students’ ability to learn because it is a system that does not cater to every students’ needs, it is a curriculum that teachers are not properly trained to teach, and has high expectations that students are unable to meet due to the structure of the Common Core. The Common Core curriculum tries to be a “one size fits all” system that does not work because every students’ needs are different when it comes to learning. One of the first elements in learning which varies from child to child…
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