The Universal And Non Universal Scope Of Knowledge

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A number of approaches to religious diversity has been discussed in class namely: Exclusivism, Inclusivism, Postmodernism, Pluralism, Contextualism, etc. After thoroughly examining the various universal and non-universal ways of approaching religious diversity, I have come to the conclusion that the universal approach of exclusivism is the best approach to confidently assert my religious perspective, while dealing with the variety of religions that exist. The choice was made over Inclusivism, Postmodernism, Pluralism and Contextualism. The limitation of these approaches shall be weighed against my preferred approach which is Exclusivism. In this write up, I shall seek to establish the reason for my preference while discussing the other approaches briefly. I shall also attempt to highlight criticisms of exclusivism and various argument raised against this approach. My discussion of exclusivism shall be from the Christian perspective which I belong. For the sake of clarity, it may become necessary to discuss the various approaches to religious diversity under the Universal and Non-Universal scope of knowledge. These are perspectives to further enhance understanding of subject matter. The universal approach to religious diversity postulates that irrespective of your belief, it must hold true to other people in every situation, time and place. This is to say that anyone upholding universal belief system thinks and believes that they shall always hold true in all

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