The Unnatural Life of Robert Frost

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The Unnatural Life of R. Frost. One of the most humble of men to be awarded a modest four Pulitzer prizes and casually accept a Congressional Gold Medal for his works, Robert Frost arguably carried a literary movement and immortalized himself in history. While viewed as a naturalist, Frost is noted for the New England regionalism that is prevalent in his works. By acting on the world and surrendering to his poetry, Frost held a cynical mirror of bi-polarity to his world and developed it through regional naturalism. Frost is an interesting poet because he began writing at a crossroads of two centuries so his writing contains elements of both traditional late 19th century Romanticism and early 20th century Naturalism so his style blends the two with an accent of local color. When he first started writing Frost was heavily criticized but his reputation started to build in England after his mid-40's. During that time, Frost seemed to have gained an insight through which there was a deceiving ease to his writing and the true nature of Frost could now be readily found in his works, "The development of a poem seemed to Frost to have a life of its own, beyond the poet's will and effort. Its most precious quality will remain its having run itself and carried a way the poet with it. The first way of seeing the poem involves mainly the initial thrust of mind into matter and the second the consequences of that influx of energy and intention, or the process that is triggered by

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