The Unrealistic Body Image

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Body image is the way a person views his or her appearance. It is a very important emotional phenomenon for females. Women are more conscious to their body image and physical beauty in comparison to men. It is estimated that around 90% of women from developed countries are the victim of body issues as thin models are considered to be very attractive in all these societies (Manaf).
The development of body image dissatisfaction leads to unhealthy practices, weight management. Unrealistic body goals from the media lead to eating disorders and dissatisfaction. Body dissatisfaction usually demonstrates into various psychological disorders like depression, abnormal eating habits, and extreme eating behaviours (Manaf).
From various studies, it is clear that eating disorders among adolescent girls have increased drastically in the last 50 years and advertisements are responsible for this increase. They used to inform people about new products and other social trends. The advertising industry has received recognition in society because of support in economic growth. But, there have been many social costs to it. Advertising has led to the promotion of harmful products, economic waste, increase in sexism, and promotion of unrealistic body expectations (Morris and Katzman 287–289).
Most of the women are not satisfied with their body image is because of advertisements. Females are more worried about their physical appearance than men. Women are more emotional and unconfident than men.
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