The Upanishads And Other Religions Can Help The World Move Toward A Better Future

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The Upanishads, a main Hinduism concept, teaches a way of thinking and living that is righteous and moral, but just like every religion concept it also leads to some follower’s social outlook to become prejudice and harsh. First, I am going to show how the Upanishads helps people become more moral by showing how one has to give up their selfishness and desires to become a part one with everything else. Then I am going to convey how it can hurt a person’s social outlook if used to create a hierarchy. Lastly I am going to show how the Upanishads and other religions can help the world move toward a better future.
The Upanishads teach that caring for only yourself isn’t helping you to become your higher self. It is instead bringing you down …show more content…

So by teaching oneness and togetherness the Upanishads is helping people see that they need to care about others like they care for themselves because in a bigger picture it helps there be less greed and therefore leads to more unity in the world.
Then there is also the side to the Upanishads concept that all religions have which is making most followers believe that their teachings are the only truth and want to preserve their truth. This is dangerous because it leads to a set in stone way of thinking that causes there to be inequality and discrimination within the religion. One specific part of the Upanishads that leads to this type of one truth mindset is karma. In the Supreme Teaching section of the Upanishads it states that depending on what a person does in their life they either “become good” or “become evil” (Mascaró 140). This is in reference to reincarnation, but is a dangerous way of thinking because it may lead people to believe that a person’s situation of living is justified because they deserve it, even if they are in a very difficult living condition. People who believe that they deserve it will feel the need to let the ones who need help the most to fend for themselves because of this way of thinking that they deserve whatever obstacles and difficulties come their way. Therefore, creating the caste system. The caste

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