The Use Of Cell Phones In The Classroom

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What? Cell phones in a class room. Kinds using cell phones is class is a bad idea. They could be on inappropriate websites such as negative videos and games. These are some reasons why students should not be able to use their cell phones during class. Teachers and staffs just want children to do work on their cell phones without any problems out of them. Mean while some students may go tell the teacher if your on the wrong thing other than what your supposed to be on. If I was a parent I would not let my child bring him/her phone to school doing to bullying, teachers taking their phones and do to someone trying to take him/her phone. Schools will clearly promote their students' academic success and safety by limiting the use of student phones during school hours. Presently, most schools leave it to teachers to manage phone distractions in their own classrooms. But this piecemeal approach has left teachers with inadequate support to confront the difficult and potentially unsafe task of limiting disruptive phone use by defiant students. I would like to use cell phones in class but I cant because children do not know how to act their age. Children under the age of 14 should not have a phone. Students need to worry about their education instead of gossip and drama. Mobile phones are just more than calling and texting. The use of cell phones can get a student into some trouble like searching up something their not supposed to when their supposed to be working. Using apps

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