The Benefits Of Cell Phones In The Classroom

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Hmm, phones in the classroom! What do you think? That is a debate between billions of people in the world today. Children all over the world have phones, but they can not have them out during school hours. Cell phones are important to so many kids and adults. These devices have been around for so long, and many people can not live without them. All around the school campus, students are miserable without their phones. In the world today, about three-fourths of the U.S. population have phones. A cell phone is an important thing to some people. Without cell phones, kids wouldn't have access to their social media accounts like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. So take this into consideration, even if it is in one class, students should be allowed to get on their cell phones during school hours. Cell phones are beneficial in so many ways. Using the calculator off a phone can be beneficial in math class. If you have a math problem like 90 x 67, you can type it into the calculator and get the answer. In reading class, you can look up the definitions online. If you have a word like flabbergasted, the online dictionary might tell you that it means to be surprised. You can also visit educational sites like,, Moby max, IXL, and some educational games sites like Kahoot and Sum dog. Phones are good tools to find research. If a student had a project on Thomas Jefferson and all the class computers were taken, they could get on
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