The Use Of Formal Standardized Testing And Norm Reference Assessments Of Young Children

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When addressing the statements of NAECY, NASP AND THE DEC they all three are for the children. They all relate around the family and wanting the family involved. The all have a clear understanding of what an assessment is and how it is to be carried out. They all are curriculum based and feel that it should be age- appropriate. They all link back to goals that link to the curriculum. Last but not least they have similarities when it comes to assessing the programs. Standardize testing
The NAECY believe that the use of formal standardized testing and norm-reference assessments of young children is limited to situations in which such measures are appropriate and potentially beneficial, such as identifying potential disabilities. (National Association for the Education of Young Children. 2003) The DEC believe much of the same they believe that that conventional standardized norm-references assessments materials and tasks are very often seen as entirely wrong even for the use with children of typical development. (Neisworth & Bagnato, n.d.,) Both believe that assessments should be done, but they should be done as a collection of things such as rating scales, observations and portfolios. As for the NASP they do believe in large scale standardize testing as long as the guided lines are followed and that the test does not make a decisions on a single test they believe that an individual should be judged on multiple measure of academic achievement, including grades, curriculum

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