The Use Of Medicinal Plant Use Medicinal Plants

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KNOWLEDGE: One of the most primitive forms of care that existed in prehistoric times is the use of medicinal plant use (Medicinal Plants, 2016). These early uses likely resulted from a trial and error process with primitive humans. Interestingly, many modern pharmaceutical products resulted from examining the chemicals and molecules in these early medicines. Early medicine throughout the world tended to focus primarily on spiritual means of healing. Early Western medicine was no exception. One notable example includes the ancient Greek traditions involving the god Asclepius (Savel & Munro, 2014). Healing temples were set up in the name of Asclepius which would attract travelers and the sick from far away in hopes that the god would help …show more content…

During this time, surgeries became more frequent for the curing of disease and injury from frequent wars, and these surgeries were sometimes accompanied by early forms of anesthesia and pain relief from opioids. It should be noted that even during this time of advancement of medicine, spiritual healing continued to remain in widespread practice and belief. Healthcare continued its path forwards into the modern era. Microbiology and Germ Theory concepts became apparent to the field of medicine in the 1800’s as a result of the need to better prevent disease and stop contagious diseases from spreading. Healthcare practitioners first began to realize that microorganisms could cause illness and infection, and despite some level of significant pushback, these concepts were eventually proven (Larson, 1989).
The Civil War brought the need for improvements in American medicine practice to the forefront (Toledo-Pereyra & Toledo, 2004). The lack of appropriate care during the early period of the Civil War were staggering. The U.S. government took notice and government organizations were created on both sides to improve the health of its soldiers. Hospital designs as well as surgical techniques were improved throughout the experience of the Civil War. Despite these gains in knowledge, the primary care model before the 19th century was care provided at home typically by relatives for friends in a community (Williams &

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