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Madison Thacker Webb US History 22 May 2014 Amputation during the Civil War When people picture the Civil War amputations, they often picture piles of limps stacked around a battlefield and a surgeon as a butcher. However, this picture is not true to the real nature of battlefield medicine. Amputation was the most common surgery throughout the Civil War. The Civil War leads to advancement in amputation and quality of life for those who had amputation. Artificial limbs also came into the picture helping former soldiers lead a better quality life. New technologies lead to amputations being needed. New developments also lead to the possibility of survival for soldiers. New weapons developed during this time such as the minie ball…show more content…
Even though there was not any sanitation the chance of survival for stretched then pervious wars. Doctors had medical kits, which included different tool for cutting such as knives, scalpels, bone saws, chain saw, suture and bandages. Thermometers were rarely used. Doctors did have some painkillers, but they were not always given to all soldiers. The most effective were morphine and opium. What happened after the surgery? Soldiers were transported to a hospital by ambulance. Soldiers were normally in horrible pain making the trip almost unbearable to deal with. The greatest risks for soldiers were now infection. Many soldiers who survived their infection and an amputation wanted artificial limb. Although artificial limps have been made since the 1500s, the Civil War caused a great demand for artificial limps. In some cases, veterans could stand again with proper artificial limbs and other times with a cane also. This caused the industry of artificial limps to advance greatly. Artificial limbs were very important, because the demand for agriculture had skyrocketed, since leaving for war. Artificial limbs arms did not offer much purpose, however it made a missing limp less noticeable in public. Artificial limbs were high in demand and it was offered in some states like North Carolina. Expect for artificial arms because, they were seen as less needed then any other limbs. However, artificial limbs were considered to be greatly uncomfortable making

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