The Use Of Methamphetamine And Intravenous Heroin Use

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The client session presented in class is for a twenty one year old female with a history of methamphetamine and intravenous heroin use. The client has two children under the age of five. The father reported the oldest child has developmental delays such as being one year behind grade level. The client would like to become a full time mother again once she graduates from treatment in approximately three months. The children are not placed at the facility; however, she has received overnight visits. The client is currently working her fourth Alcoholics Anonymous step with her sponsor. She reports that her sponsor “helps me be more human” as she can share some of her imperfections with someone who has successfully worked through their addiction cycle. Since I presented approximately one month ago, the client and I have had four more sessions. Two of those sessions focused on crisis management when the client reported suicidal ideation. She stated cutting ideation comes in “waves” and psychoeducation was provided about endorphins and cutting. Client reports she is able to use her coping skills such as grounding, snapping a rubber band, or drawing. Sleep hygiene has improved and the client reported the medications are helping with her nightmares. She has received visits from her two children for overnight visits. The client displays a lot of all or nothing thinking such as how one child is “the devil” and one is “angelic.” Upon clarification, she described her older child as “the

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