Client Biopsychosocial. Betty Simmons Is A 32 Year Old,

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Client Biopsychosocial Betty Simmons is a 32 year old, Caucasian, English speaking female, who has been referred to the Bridge House by the Department of Children and Families. Betty is currently unemployed, and the mother of three children, ages two, four, and six. Betty is married, but at this time, lives separate from her husband, who was given temporary custody of their children. Betty is not on civil commitment, nor probation/parole. There is no civil proceeding in place. However, Betty is currently experiencing substance abuse related problems, which she tested positive for meth and opiates during a recent urine analysis test upon admittance. A counselor has been assigned to Betty’s case.
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However, it is brought to Betty attention that in some cases clients have remained in the program longer. After sign consent forms to participate in the programs and abide by the program rules, further data is collected
Background History When asked about early childhood history, Betty explains that, “I have a very supportive family”. Betty further explains that she grew up living with her biological mother and step farther. However, her Biological father was not involved in her life. Betty reports that he was an alcoholic, and attempted suicide by cutting his wrist when she was in junior high. She then reports that her mother struggled with depression, but insisted that her mothers’ mental health issues did not affect her childhood. In fact, she explained that her mother and stepfather has currently been assigned as a safety net system by the Department of Children and Families. However, Betty reports history of mental health issues for herself. Betty explains that during late adolescents, she received outpatient counseling in New York for three months. She reports no previous psychiatric inpatient treatment. Betty do reports previous psychotropic medication for behavioral and health problems. Betty past medications included: Lexapro, which treated her depressive disorders; Zoloft, for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); Prozac, for

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