The Use Of Probiotics

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As a result of the various modes of action, the use of probiotics has improved growth rate in poultry. This improved performance could be due to the increased enzyme activity, increased villus height and surface area for absorption as well a reduction in stress put on the intestinal tract by pathogenic bacteria (Bajagai et al., 2016). Shown by Cao et al., feeding broilers challenged with Escherichia coli, a probiotic containing Enterococcus faecium significantly improved the body weight gain of the birds throughout the trial compared to birds that were infected but not treated. In a study done by Bai et al., it was found that during feeding some probiotics promoted growth in the starter phase, while others promoted growth in the finishing …show more content…

Coccidiosis is one of the most important protozoan diseases in poultry production because of the high rate of resistance to drugs and large economic losses in infected flocks. The disease is caused by species of Eimeria, which colonize the GI tract. Previously studies had shown inconclusive results, but recently Giannease et al., found a reduction in coccidiosis by using probiotic species like E. faecium, Bifidobacterium animalis, Lactobacillus reuteri and Bacillus subtilis (2012). These strains success of reducing coccidiosis was thought to be due to the maintenance of intestinal health in infected birds and the reduction in the shedding of oocytes, reducing the spread of disease (Giannenas et al., 2012). These studies have proven that probiotics are an effective method of controlling pathogenic bacteria, thus reducing the stress put on the intestinal tract and therefore improving the bird’s performance. Though probiotics have a long list of benefits there are still some challenges associated with their use. Including efficacy problems due to the delivery of the probiotic. The efficacy of a probiotic is dependent on live bacteria being delivered into the digestive tract. Which means that shelf life, heat processing and compatibility with other ingredients could affect the efficacy of the product. Also,

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