The Use of Evidence Practice in Nursing Clinical Settings: An Evaluation

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Evidence Practice Nursing
Over the last several years, nurses have been facing critical challenges. This is because there is a shortage of qualified individuals inside many facilities. At the same time, they are expected to serve a variety of roles in order to address the needs of stakeholders. To fully understand what is occurring requires focusing on the use of evidence based practices inside a clinical setting and formulating strategies for overcoming barriers to them. Together, these elements will highlight the underlying challenges and how they can be addressed in the long term. (Lundry, 2009)
Evaluate the use of Evidence Practice in Nursing Clinical Settings
Evidence based practice is when there is a focus on improving the quality of care provided inside different facilities. This is because these challenges have become a major problem for health care professionals. They are overwhelmed from increasing numbers of patients and a reduction in qualified staff members. The results are that quality and safety inside many facilities is often overlooked. (Beyea, 2006) (Barker, 2009)
A good example of this can be seen with an incident which occurred at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2010. What happened in this situation; is a patient's heart monitor was not connected properly. This resulted in the person dying from the mistake. These challenges are showing how the facility is facing similar problems as other health organizations, with their staff members feeling

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