Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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QSEN- Evidenced Based Practice Evidence based practice is an important priority in nursing because it ensures that the best quality and most effective care is being used. Restraint use is an intervention that is being minimized more and more. It can be an important intervention when necessary but there are specific circumstances and guidelines that must be followed. Evidence based practice is proving that restraint use may be eliminated due to safety concerns and more beneficial interventions being used.
Use of Restraints Restraints is an intervention used to confine a person to prevent injury to self or others. Different types of restraints include physical, chemical and seclusion. A physical restraint is anything that prevents the patient from being able to freely move. This can include seat belts, wrist restraints, vests, bed rails, etc. A chemical restraint is using a drug for sedation which also restricts movement or freedom. An example of a chemical restraint can be an antipsychotic. These drugs can be used to reduce anxiety, aggression, and violent behavior. Lastly, seclusion is isolating or confining the patient to a room where they cannot leave. This form of restraint is also to protect the patient from harming them self or others. The use of restraints or seclusion can be a useful intervention if all other interventions have failed. Patients should not be harmed with these restraints so it is crucial they are done properly. Patients who are put in restraints

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