The Utopian Society Of Atlantis

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The Utopian society of Atlantis in Atlas Shrugged
“Who is John Galt?”(Rand 11)
John Galt was a worker at a factory called Twentieth Century Motor Company which implemented a policy that ultimately led the company into its own destruction. The Twentieth Century Motor Company operated on the radical plan of paying its workers based on their proclaimed needs, and those who worked the hardest were required to help those who did not. Outraged by this, Galt refuses to work and swears that he will “stop the engine of the world.” As a result, brilliant industrialists begin to slowly disappear out of society forcing the collapse of capitalism to give rise to bureaucrats, politicians, and looters who find government intervention as the only means of fixing the country’s economic situation.
Midas Mulligan, an extremely successful banker, was asked for a loan by a man by the name of Lee Hunsacker who sought to buy a factory. After Mulligan refused to provide Hunsacker with the loan, given his careless business history, Hunsacker decided to sue Mulligan in order to force him to provide him with the loan. Judge Narragansett, who was in charge of the case, denied the loan to Hunsacker stating that what he wanted to do was unconstitutional. Hunsacker determined to receive the loan appealed the case. The appellate court reversed Judge Narragansett’s decision and by order of a jury, Mulligan was forced to provide Hunsacker with the loan. After the trial, John Galt came into Mulligan’s

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