The Vain Jackdaw Analysis

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¨I’m not bad looking!¨ The young jackdaw said in dismay. In ¨The Vain Jackdaw¨ by Rob john. The young jackdaw isn’t being himself he’s trying to be a different person. The jackdaw is making himself a new person. Also he is listening to people who say he’s not beautiful. If you're not yourself people aren't going to know who you really are on the inside. As I said earlier, the jackdaw is making himself a different person. First, is that the jackdaw found other bird’s feathers to make a costume, so he can win a contest. This shows that he doesn’t want to look like himself. Secondly, in the text it says, ¨First he stuck bright red and green parrot feathers onto his wings. Then on his tail he tied beautiful long peacock feathers. For his head he made a hat from silky white feathers of the swan.¨ This is important to notice because, he’s being somebody else. This shows that he wants to be someone else. …show more content…

¨Don’t make me laugh. look at yourself your feathers are all grey and black, your beaks too long for your head and you look like you haven’t had a bath in a month.¨ this jackdaw is making the young jackdaw not believe in himself. This is important because he is listening to them and not standing up for himself. This shows that he isn't being

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