The Value Of Education : The Benefits Of College Education

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Why is college so important? People may hear it all the time, but it is never clearly explained why it is so beneficial to a student. As our society is furthering itself into advanced technology and research, the need for college degrees is beginning to grow. Sadly, as the U.S is continuing to grow in these areas, college tuition prices are also beginning to rise. Many students now are questioning whether college is really worth the cost it brings. With that being said, graduating from college is important because it can increase the amount of money a person can make, provide better employment benefits, and expose the person to a variety of cultures and experiences through campus life.
Over the past years, many people could get away with having a general equivalency degree (GED) or high school diploma; however, that is not necessarily the case anymore for today’s society. As stated by Stemwedel, the economy is constantly changing. What once use to work a few years ago, may not work now. Which is why employers are stepping up their game and requiring higher levels of education and skills.
Not having a college degree does not mean that the individual will never find a job, but it is highly recommended to go to college and graduate with some sort of degree. To this day, there are still many jobs that only require a high school diploma or equivalent. Some of these sorts of jobs include being a small business owner, a commercial pilot, a transportation, storage, and

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