The Vapors And E Cigs

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The Vapors and E-Cigs are an electronic cigarette, meant to be a substitute for cigarette smokers. E-cigs maybe the best alternative to cigarettes, although vaping presents just as many health issues as smoking.
In general the side effects for vaping are as fallow: Dry skin, dry mouth, Rash/burning sensation on face, itchiness, puffy/dry eyes, caffeine sensitivity and minor bloody nose issues. The E-cigs produce vapor, not smoke, to allow smokers to consume their nicotine without affecting the people around them. Some consumers believe that the vapor they exhale is water vapor. E-Juice is the liquid used to produce the vapor, but E-Juice is an oil based product. Even a fourth grader would question how the vapor contains water if it was an oil used to produce the vapor. The chemicals found inside the oils are not addictive but are still harmful to the human body. The main ingredients in E-juice are propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and artificial flavorings. Nicotine free E-juice, somewhat of a good thing, contains 95% propylene glycol and glycerin.
For those who don’t know what propylene glycol is, propylene glycol is the chemical used for anti-freeze ice pack. It is labeled as a “safe” toxin, but none the less still a toxin. Propylene glycol when ejected can affects the skin, kidneys and respiratory system (breathing). Propylene Glycol is also referred to as “PG” and one of PG’s attributes is that it is a hygroscopic liquid, in other words, it attracts and holds water

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