The Various Forms of the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God

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The Various Forms of the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God

The cosmological argument is a well established argument for the existence of God and it is also known as the first cause argument.

The cosmological argument is based upon the belief that there is a first cause behind the existence of universe and this was God. It has taken many forms and in the past has been presented in many ways. So many philosophers have put their points across, philosophers like; Plato, Aquinas, Socrates, Hume, Kant and many more.

The first person to put their point across was Plato. He argued that the power to produce the movements plausibly comes before the power to receive it and pass it on. In
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Both Aquinas and Craig deny the infinite and yet argue that God is infinite. Believers of the argument point out that God is unique and that the laws of nature do not apply to God.

In the five ways Anthony Kenny said that Aquinas’s principle that nothing moves itself goes against the fact that people and animals move themselves. He stated that Newton’s first law of motion, in which movement can be explained by a body’s own sluggishness from previous motion, disapproves Aquinas’s argument. It is possible for object to have uniform motion as well as to be in a state of rest.


The strengths of the Cosmological Argument lie in both its simplicity and easily comprehensible concept that there cannot be an infinite number of causes to an event. Some arguments for God's existence require more thought and training in terms and concepts, but this argument is basic and simple. Also, it is perfectly logical to assert that objects do not bring themselves into existence and must, therefore, have causes.

For must not the cause of existing things exist? We find ourselves faced with the possibility of an infinite regress. If it is true of A that it is caused to exist by B, why may not B be caused to exist by C, D, E…and so on ad infinitum? If there actually is a cause of
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