The Video Examined Two Individuals With A Profound Loss Of Hearing And Vision

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The cybersenses video examined two individuals with a profound loss of hearing and vision. The first individual was a little girl named Kelly who became death due to a disease that impaired her hair cells in her cochlea. Growing up she received a hearing aid, however the device got progressively worse. She explained to the producers that she could slightly hear some noise but nothing was definite anymore, and all she wanted in life was to actually hear noise such as the running river and fully talk to her family. Due to her circumstance doctors decided to perform a surgery to permanently fix or better her hearing. For Kelly’s surgery doctors decided to permanently implant electrodes into her ear, by attaching an electrode array into the inner ear (cochlea) and a receiver which is placed behind the ear. By doing this each device will be connected to a magnet and an antenna making sound signals channel through her brain. Overall Kelly’s surgery is successful and with speech therapy Kelly is able to talk and hear noises that she was not really able to before. After watching Kelly and analyzing the actual surgery of the cochlea implant, the inner ear and how we receive signals makes more sense. To be honest I had to watch this video multiple times and look up ways they perform the surgery to get a better overall understanding. However thinking about how we pick up noise and hear sound differs between each individual, such as light. It all depends on our hair cells, which

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