The Vietnam War and its Impact, An Essay with Editing Notes

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The Vietnam War was a violent and turbulent time in America. Generally hated from its beginning, many still perceive it as a loss. When one looks over the causalities in the war, it is noticeable that 58,000 members of our military lost their lives tragically in a ten year period.(cite) However, Communist Vietnam reported losses in numbers close to a million. Although many people see Vietnam as horrific stain in the legacy of America and its military, the war and its repercussions had a significant effect on America and its future.
When analyzing the losses of the Vietcong and North Vietnamese compared to American casualties, one notices remarkable numbers. The government of Vietnam reports an estimated 1,100,000 combatants were killed
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One major reason the Vietnam War was so significant was because it was the first American war that inspired mass public protest. In August 1964, North Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked two U.S. destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. President Lyndon B. Johnson quickly ordered the retaliatory bombing of military targets in North Vietnam.(CITE!!!) Soon, U.S bombing runs became all too frequent in Vietnam. U.S citizens didn’t agree with this, and began to protest government ideals. We were fighting a war on two fronts, on our own soil and hundreds of miles away in Vietnam. The government now had to deal not only with Vietcong guerillas, but also angry American protestors.
Protests began to break out all around the U.S., and on October 21, 1967, one of the most prominent anti-war demonstrations took place.(CITE) Some 100,000 protestors gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to protest against the hated war. Some 30,000 of them continued in a march on the Pentagon later that night. (CITE) In February 1970 citizens all across the United States found out about the My Lai massacre, causing even more protests to break out following this horrible news.
President Nixon initially wanted to have the U.S troops withdrawn from Vietnam, but then, on national television, he announced American troops had entered Cambodia. As this aired on millions of American televisions, American citizens started riots and protests almost all across the country. Then, on
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