The Views Of Same Sex Marriage

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In my opinion, the views of many people are influences based upon the way they were raised and taught as a child. Yes, many others go the opposite direction as the way they were raised, but many others also stay the same. Throughout history, different groups have been suffering from inequality, because the people in their society do not view them as equals in their society. As society evolves over time, new groups of people have become the target of many and denied the rights they deserve as American citizens. For a long time in the United States, it was the African American community that was denied their rights as citizens, but now today it is the same-sex community that are being denied their rights as American citizens. The views about same-sex marriage has received a lot of influence from the Catholic Church in society, because they believe it to go against what God wants from his people. In the church’s eyes, a man should marry a woman, have children, and raise them as a family together. Due to the fact that same-sex couples cannot do this, they are hated by many in society and not allowed to express their love for each other. Many politicians in the United States agree with this view and have voiced their opinions in Congress, to try and keep same-sex couples from marrying each other legally in many states. In Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, The Other America, he speaks to the people about why he believes it is hard to achieve racial and economic

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