The Villian Iago in Shakespeare´s Othello Essay

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Throughout Othello, Iago is the most prominent and perplexing villian in Shakespearean history. His redeeming qualies enables him to allure the characters such as Roderigo, Cassio and Othello through his morality. As an audience we are introduced to his contempt and his hunger for revenge despite his lack of proof. Iago symbolizes evil and brutality. So what makes him a crucial character in the play. His understanding of manipulation and his brilliance makes him an important role in the play since he's willing to to climb up the stairs to get his general, who he hates. Iago's first use in the play was Roderigo who isn't very clever. At the beginning of the play Roderigo and Iago are talking about the "Moor" referred to as Othello and …show more content…

Iago knows that a few little words would able him to make Roderigo trustworthy of him and he did this by advising Rodrigo to do things that would eliminate those whom Desdemona loved. He told Roderigo that her realtionships with Cassio and Othello weren't going to last for eternity and that she would turn on him. This caused Roderigo to be very credulous since it seemed right from his point of view about Desdemona turning on him. Ever since Iago poisoned him with that idea, Roderigo carried out his advice thinking it would develop his relationship with Desdemona. This words from Iago caused some hope and confidence in Roderigo causing him to take every advice Iago tells him to do in spite of capturing Desdemona's heart yet this all benefited Iago's path and not Roderigo. Another character that's been managed bt Iago is Cassio. Iago's lethal words forces Cassio to drink even though Cassio isn't supposed to. Unforunately the drink seized his position causing him to fall apart not only because of his position but his sense of dignity since his reputation was damaged. Unquestionably Cassio wanted to regain his position. By all means Iago tells him what to do in order to regain his position back. Iago's words were, “…Confess yourself freely to her; importune her help to put you in your place again…”(2.3.255). These lines indicate that Cassio was to seek help from Desdemona in spite of gaining back his job. Yet Iago told Cassio to do this for

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