The Vineyard Community Is A Safe Environment For Children Essay

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1. The vineyard community is a safe environment for children between kindergarten through 12th grade between the hours 3 pm- to 6pm. The vineyard is a community center for children where they engage in different actives, where they do their homework, worship and enjoy time together. The vineyard provides a variety of services for the community. One thing I liked about the vineyard is how much the community cares and value the children receive from the volunteers and staff. The mission of the vineyard is that the children from all different schools are brought together for a couple of hours to engage in different activities to learn and grow as a whole. The vineyard has an enormous impact on the community it keeps the children safe, and helping them with their everyday life afterschool. For example, helping them with their homework making the children think about certain situations, also they feed the children dinner which is a very lovely. During my time at the vineyard the population of children I worked with ranged from kindergarten to 3rd graders. I had a lot of one on one time with one 2nd grader who always loved to show me what he could do also what he was struggling with. The vineyard really did bring all the families together. The vineyard is a very positive and safe environment for everyone.

2. I did several activities with several children. One activity I did with a child was connected to using Piaget preoperational stage. Which means the child use of

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