The Violence And Pedophilia ( South Asian Post )

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We are all human beings, we all make mistakes and we all do things we are not proud of sometimes. But, there are those who do the unspeakable. They make the mistake over and over again. They either do not know how to control themselves, or it has been engraved in them from a very young age. It is like an incurable disease. But, it is absolutely not ok to take advantage of the young and impressionable minds of a child. The children of Afghanistan have this occur on a daily basis. More importantly, boys have been apart of a tradition that has been going on for far to long. These boys have been apart of an Afghanistan tradition called bacha bazi which stands for “boy play”(South Asian Post). These boys are dressed in women 's clothing and used for entertainment at such things like weddings. The men also known as bachas use dancing and glamour of their boys to hide what really goes on behind closed doors, sexual violence and pedophilia(South Asian Post). Many wonder how or why these boys get involved with something like this and it is honestly quite awful. In most case’s they are kidnapped, or enticed at a youthful age and are kept until the age of 18, and are considered property instead of people(South Asian Post). But, there are some boys who go into this lifestyle because it gave them a chance at a better life. A life that they never would have had, if they would have stayed in the life of poverty. Some of these boys did this because with being a bacha came with

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