The Violence And Police Brutality

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At first I had a hard time on deciding what I wanted to analyzed for my paper. I couldn’t think of anything that was worth writing about. Then I remember a conversation not too long ago with a friend. We were discussing the gang violence and police brutality that has recently caught the media attention. This stuff has been going on for years, if not decades and we couldn’t understand why some people still were negative towards the Black Lives Matter movement. After that talk I was inspired to write about the violence in my community, South Side Chicago.
The violence in Chicago is a something that has remain fresh with me but has slowly gain awareness in the media. To the point that many are embracing the newly minted term Chiraq. Chiraq is a term given to the city Chicago, because there are more murders and violence that occur in Chicago than the war in Iraq. I originally thought this epidemic was the concern of all residents of Chicago. I soon later learned that people I have encountered did not share the feeling of importance of the countless lives lost due to gun violence and police brutality. To a lot of them if it doesn’t affect them personally then they simply don’t care. For instance, I have overheard a white couple saying how walking the streets of Chicago is like walking into a war zone with all the murders, robbery and gangs. They felt that the Black Lives Matter movement was joke and how black people should stop crying about something they started, because…

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