The Violence Of Black Women

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Do you ever have a feeling of adrenaline running through your body? Have you ever felt threatened by an external force that is beyond your control? Or questions your understanding of why you feel the way you feel? Similar to a volcano, your energy boils up until an eruption occurs, thus releasing suppressed thoughts and buried concerns into an explosion of frustration. This feeling is anger When anger is expressed, it can be used as a tool to reveal pressing ideas or opinions that can be deeply troubling to an individual. Conversely, when anger is shown, the outcome is usually in the field of disagreement, refusal or non-optimistic standpoints. Specifically, throughout history, a majority of women have been expected to absorb all systems …show more content…

However, as told by Abraham Maslow, what humans desire the most is to belong. As love is the glue that binds loyalty and acceptance, once it is taken away, it results into the emptiness that manifests itself deep inside your perception. Black Women have experienced betrayal in the sense that their features and qualities are praised on women of different races, but are betrayed for women who possess these same qualities. An example of this is the curvy body and full lips. While black women are ridiculed and shamed for their inability to mimic Eurocentric features, non-black women who HAVE these characteristics are labelled “exotic” or “evolved” because of their heightened attractiveness. This behaviour is also exhibited when black women express their anger. Once their opinion is voiced, immediately the labels “unwanted frequent critic” or the notorious “angry black woman” is used to dismiss their anger. It is as though their concerns are insignificant to the point where they are prohibited from feeling emotions or experiencing tribulation. A famous quote from Malcolm X states “the most disrespected person in America is the black woman…the most neglected person in America is the black women” (1962). In Audre Lorde’s Essay, ‘The Uses of Anger: Women Responding to Racism’, she focuses on the issues that include black women and the inaccurate categorization of immediately deemed hysterical when discussing their reality of oppression. In her essay, she explains the

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