The Violence Of Campus Security

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There ain’t no doubt: I love this land but these horrific campus killings must be brought to an end. Guns on campus is the definition of risky, giving equal opportunity of bearing arms to the clinically insane, over the rest of the responsible student body. Our nation’s rise in firearm-related deaths, specifically on college grounds, relates to an unheard cry for help. Over the past couple of years, guns on campus have resulted in an array of inhumane massacres and news breakings, stunning Americans worldwide. Guns have caused the skyrocketing amount of at least one hundred and fifty-six school shootings in America since 2013 (EveryTown). These instances could have ultimately been avoided, as our campus security should be heightened, a birth of gun consumer adherence to stricter verifications, all while state regulations on bearing arms are re-evaluated. Side by side to various other national crises’ in our economy, firearm use on campus is thoroughly to blame by a numerous amount of factors. The nationwide fluctuation of campus security is at its most staggering point in American history, overlooked hometown colleges drawing the most attention and gaining the most heat due to on campus shootings. You would think that a lower student population would generally create a simple approach to necessary of security duties. Umpqua community college, rooted in the heart of Oregon with the occupancy of less than four thousand full-time students. Umpqua provided the

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