The Violence Of Domestic Violence

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Cycle of Violence in Domestic Violence
As stated by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, “domestic violence is defined as a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviors and tactics used by one person over another (by or to any household member) to gain power and control. This may include verbal abuse, financial abuse, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse.” (The Official Website of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.)
Domestic abuse frequently becomes more often and dangerous over time.
After researching
Lenore E. Walker, Executive Director of the Domestic Violence Institute, studied, researched and interviewed hundreds of women victims of domestic violence and came to the conclusion that many violent relationships follow a similar pattern. In 1979, Walker developed a social cycle theory cycle that explains the behaviors involved in a domestic abuse. This cycle developed by her, could take days months or years to develop, it is different for each relationship and not all follow the pattern, and not all necessarily lead to physical abuse.
The Cycle of abuse developed by L. E. Walker includes the following 3 phases:
Tension building —Tension builds over common domestic, daily problems. Verbal abuse begins. The abused person tries to help the situation by pleasing the abuser, giving in or avoiding the situation, what do not stop the violence. The tension continues, reaches a “boiling point” and the abuse begins.
Acute battering or acting out—…
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