The Violence Of Public Schools

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In recent times, several mass shootings have occurred in several places. Sadly, public schools in America have been venues for these mass shootings. How do we reduce these shootings? How do we ensure that the lives of our kids are safe? These are the questions parents all over America are asking. A lot of suggestions have been made to the government concerning the issue of mass shootings. Some say government have to ban the purchase of guns, others say there should be background checks, while others say teachers and staff should be armed. It is currently being argued if the government should arm public school officials and faculty. Can we trust armed public school staff with our kids? Can the school authorities regulate their actions? These are new questions parents ask those who are in support of arming public school officials and faculty. Allowing teachers carry concealed weapons to those who support means better protection of the children in time on trouble. To the people who oppose, it is simply bringing the trouble closer to the kids. According to an article in the New York times, superintendent David Hopkins selected small handguns for his staff to bring to school every day. He found a way around the state law prohibiting guns on campus. He created a plan that relies on patchwork of conceals weapon laws and local school board polices to arm teachers. This seemed like a reasonable economical way to protect the kids in the small town of Ozark foothills (Severson). It is
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