Essay on The Vital Importance of Vaccinations

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Disease kills millions of children every year. Some of these diseases are bacterias, which multiply rapidly and attack the body for resources. Others are viruses which hijack the immune system in a quest to multiply. Children are far more vulnerable to disease because of their developing immune systems. How can children be protected by the horrors of disease? The answer is vaccinations. For many years, immunizations have kept the spread of disease low. Vaccinations have prevented deaths and saved lives. However in recent years, there has been a stronger movement against vaccinations. There have been arguments made by people who believe that vaccination is a violation of rights and against religion. Some say children were meant to face …show more content…

One popular argument against mandatory vaccines is that of religion. Advocates claim that vaccines are “unnatural” and do not follow their personal religious tenants. Such arguments create conflict between our rights granted under the first amendment and the obligation of the government to work towards public health and safety. Families can request exemptions for their children from the vaccinations. Legally, there is little choice but to give the exemption. While exemptions satisfy most anti-vaccine parents, they also create a health hazard. As exemptions increase, so does the possibility of disease outbreaks. If a school full mandatory student vaccination, there would be no chance of disease. If a school had only 80 percent of its students vaccinated thanks to exemptions, it would leave 20 percent of the students open to infection. If the number of unvaccinated children rises, the likelihood of transmission will rise. Studies have shown the number of children who received exemptions on religious grounds doubled from 1991 to 2012. That percentage is still growing. It seems selfish to request an exemption that could possibly harm the exempted child but other children around him or her. If immunizations were not so frequent, infection could take over and spread at a substantial rate. According to the article "Vaccination Coverage Among Children in Kindergarten" in 2013, about 95 percent of all

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