The Voice Thomas Hardy Summary

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“The Voice” is a short love romantic poem written by Thomas Hardy in 1914. The text consist of four stanzas, four lines each. It is telling a story of a man dealing with the loss of his beloved woman. The poem is melodic, filled with despair and romantic state of grief. The speaker of "The Voice" projects his feelings onto the landscape. He's sad inside, and what he sees outside of himself reflects that sadness, the state of being miserable. He is grieving, and the world surrounding him is the reflection of what he's feeling.

It is quite clear from the beginning that the poem is a lamentation as the very first words of the poem are “Woman much missed”. These are followed by the poetic repetition of “how you call to me, call to me” which is a suggestion, and echo of himself and also a direct apostrophe to the woman of the desperate urgency and desire that the speaker feels on hearing her. It also shows how insistent and incessant the voice in his mind is. The stanza is built on a couple of timeframes and the woman meant different things to the speaker at different times. The speaker is convinced that she is telling him she has changed, she is not the same as she was in when they first met, when she was all to the him, as he puts it. This demonstrates his longing for her, how he misses her. Not the most ‘recent her’ but the ‘distant her’ and the love they had shared at the beginning of this relationship.

The second stanza brings the specific feeling of a ghost story. The

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