The Wage Gap

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The Wage Gap
There is a growing wage gap between black and white workers in America. A wage gap can be defined as the difference in rates of pay between two different groups of people. Research suggests that this growth is largely influenced by the continued practice of discrimination and racism in our society, however this claim is often argued because we today think that things are getting better. Discrimination occurs, and many times blacks don’t realize that it is happening to them. Other factors that weigh in on the wage gap between black and white workers include access to education, family structure, and high school dropout rates. While each of these factors varies greatly among the races, the differences between the two can be traced back to racial discrimination. Whatever the cause, this gap creates a much broader problem in terms of the socioeconomic balance between blacks and whites as well as for the future of America’s work force. Americans should examine the existence of racial discrimination and its effect on wage equality for both blacks and whites to lessen the wage gap among the races.
While wage gaps can be identified among many races, it is highly prevalent among black and white workers. Moreover, it exists not only between blacks and whites, but it is further dissected between black males and white males, and black females and white females. Researchers have proven that there is great disparity in the income level between blacks and whites and

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