The Walking Feminist: An Analysis of The Walking Dead

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There are no planes flying overhead, no cars driving on the highway nearby, and no radio—which if ever turned on again would only emit static. During this time, Carol’s husband comes out from a tent and angrily commands them to stop their gossip and get back to work. The two other women defend themselves and Carol, but he smacks her across the face for defying him. This scene is a depiction from post-apocalyptic series AMC’s The Walking Dead. In the storyline Rick Grimes, the main character, is injured in the line of duty and awakens from a coma several months later to find the world dominated by the un-dead. He sets out on a journey to find his family and encounters many other survivors during his search. The Walking Dead depicts many examples of how woman are feminized and how retro gender norms are constantly depicted throughout the show. Women are constantly expected to follow female gender roles while their male counterparts are the executive decisions makers and protectors. Even when the women characters mature and become stronger, they end up being killed off, excluded, or crazy.
Lori and Carol are the two most conservative characters on The Walking Dead and depict the female gender role as if the show were created in the…
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