The Walt Disney Concert Hall is Leonard Koscianski's Astounding Architecture

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The Walt Disney Concert Hall is an astounding work of architecture. Leonard Koscianski finished designing this work in 1991, but the process of construction lasted almost a decade. The cost of the building ended up exceeding the original figures, which slowed construction. With donations from private sources, including the Disney family and The Walt Disney Company, The Walt Disney Concert Hall finally opened on October 24, 2003. The cost of the concert hall was roughly 274 million dollars, and seats 2,265 people. The concert hall is located in downtown Los Angeles, California. It was the fourth hall to join the Los Angeles Music Center. The concert hall is in no way normal but that is what Frank Gehry is known for. Gehry’s architectural works fall under the deconsructivism category. Deconstructivism encourages radical freedom of form and the open manifestation of complexity in a building rather than strict attention to functional concerns and conventional design elements
When looking at The Walt Disney Concert Hall from the outside you see a series of corrugated stainless steel panels covering irregularly shaped appendages. All of the appendages are interconnected and have glass between some of them to soften the look of all of the steel panels. The concert hall definitely stands out against the other buildings that surround it. The concert hall is in the heart of the city with all of the concrete buildings surrounding it. The center of the building looks like the hull of

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