The War Never Changes Of Bethesda 's Hit Game Franchise Fallout

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“War. War never changes.” These are the iconic opening lines of Bethesda’s hit game franchise Fallout, but are they accurate? War has expanded into a new electronic frontier, where the soldiers are hackers and the targets are anything with wires. To understand this new kind of war, we must analyze what it is, who has this power, and how they can use it. Cyberwarfare has the potential to do to global politics what nuclear warfare did half a century ago. To begin with, it is essential to understand what cyberwar is. “Cyber” essentially refers to anything electronic or internet-based. A cyber attack is when one entity hacks into the resources of another entity. This resource could be almost anything- an email inbox, a bank account, a stoplight, a factory, a power grid, or even a nuclear device. Cyberwarfare is to cyber attacks as nuclear war is to nuclear missiles; an exchange between two nations in an attempt for one to damage another. Cyber attacks come in two main forms: espionage and sabotage. In an espionage operation, the objective is to gain intelligence on strategic resources. For example, imagine a country hacking into a communication network to survey enemy troop movements or electronically stealing the blueprints for a missile. The other kind, sabotage, is much more direct. In this case, the objective is to either take control over or destroy an asset. This can range from something as basic as shutting down a website to something as massive and destructive as

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