The War Of 1812 And The Declaration Of Independence

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Angel Perez
History 101

Intro For my top 10 history I have chosen the Louisianan purchase, Sons of Liberty, Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, The war of 1812, Abraham Lincoln, Eli Whitney, Jamestown, Baron Von Steuben, and Benjamin Franklin because I believe these people and events had a big effect on America. I chose the Louisiana Purchase because it was a major deal that in the end has given us 15 states. The sons of liberty were a rebel group that was a symbol of the colonies saying we had enough. The Bill of Rights allows us rights so we aren 't abused by the government. The Declaration of independence gave the freedom we fought so hard for from the tyrant George III. The war of 1812 was a great boost to the colonies motivation that they could do something. Abraham helped with the civil war in every way he could and fought hard so that the south would not secede keeping everything together. Eli Whitney was a great inventor who created the cotton gin helping cotton become popular as well made muskets. Jamestown was the 1st colony to be permanently established. Baron Von Steuben was a gay hero who taught are forces how to fight and become a good army. Benjamin Franklin contributed to so much and was a great inventor as well as many other things. Analysis Categories When writing down my brainstorming only some people, events, or places popped out at me. When looking for people I was looking for those who made a great impact. I have 2
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