The War Of 1812 And The United States

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The American Revolution did not mark the end of the tensions and conflicts between England and the newly formed United States. The war of 1812 is often referred to as the United States second war for independence because, like the Revolutionary War, it was fought against England. This war was the result of many years of a tension among both countries. It both surprised the British and concerned many Americans who believed that this war was an unwise effort. This was not because there was not reasons to go to war with England. But rather because United States had avoided war for so long that when war was declared on England it was unexpected. With that said there were many reasons that the United States declared war on England. Among which…show more content…
In the end result England considered any ship that did not stop the enemy which of course included American ships.

In response to this act the United States passed the Embargo Act of 1807 which prohibited all American ships from trading in all foreign ports. The goal with this act was to get England and France to stop restricting American trade but it did not happen. This later would backfire and instead of benefiting the Americans it would unpleasantly affected all regions of the United States and all segments of the economy. It especially hit the New England region were many ship ports were located. It also affected the prices of cotton which in hand affected the South forcing many planters out of business.
Since this act failed to change any British policy and only affected the economy it was replaced by the Non-Intercourse Act in 1809, which maintained the embargo only against Britain and France, but did not ban trade with other European countries. Later this bill was replaced by the Macon’s Bill number two which was intended to motivate England and France to stop capturing American ships during the Napoleonic Wars. It also stated that if either country France or England removed their restrictions against the United States and the other it would do not do likewise, then the United States would restore normal trade. France valued this idea
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