The War Of All Time

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Where Trouble Comes Vietnam War, one of the most controversial war of all time, it is best known as the American War, a war between France who had claimed Vietnam as their territory against the communist forces Viet Minh. The year of 1947 when the Truman Doctrine was passed, to send United State trooped across the globe to oppose any communist force. Also countries gathered in Geneva to issue a peace agreement among French-Indochina and Korea. The Geneva Accords temporarily divided Vietnam along the 17th Parallel. The war broke out as the Vietcong attacked the Diem (South Vietnam’s President) government, killing thousands of people, which caught the attention of U.S. to send troops to aid South Vietnam. Thus began the production of many movies about the Vietnam War. The goals of Hollywood films are entertaining people and making money, There are times where they focus on entertaining people more than portraying the reality of war. Many Hollywood movie directors distort the truth of historical events such as the Vietnam war in order to profit and appeal to the audience emotionally as well as influence the viewers to be patriotic. As can be seen in the film “The Green Berets”(1968) is an example of what a distorted Hollywood film about what the Vietnam War looks like, from depicting Vietnam in terms of cowboys and Indians, fantasy heroic actions, and praising the American soldiers as heroes to glorify the war. Wayne as a “conservative patriot” (Davidson+Lytle) stated that he…
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