The War Of Equality For The African American

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The war of equality for the African American was fought on many battlefields. Whether on American soil or the trenches of other countries, black men and women gave their every breath to be known as equal human beings. The white man of the south, on the other hand, rich or poor and uneducated alike wanted to insinuate their façade of superiority and hold the black community to their haven of slavery. Being put through unimaginable trials such as lynching, Jim crow laws, sharecropping did not stop African Americans from their endeavors, in reality, it gave them a reason to strive for their constitutional rights that have been forsaken for too long. Because going back to the days of slavery -although it seemed like they were treated that way…show more content…
At this point, I don’t understand what the black man is to do. Being cornered for everything you do; You can either fight get punished or show support and still be punished. African Americans, after helping in the wars before had to put their lives in the front line of fire once again for the slim chance to be an American citizen and a soldier of honor and not the sambo he was thought to be.
Unfortunately, the life of the soldier was not any better. Albeit, they were fighting the same war as the white man. African American life was still not as important. Max Brooks uses his book, “The Harlem Hellfighters”, to illustrate it more clearly. In the book, Brooks depicts the type of training the men got. The white soldiers were issued given the proper equipment and training to protect themselves, while the black soldier had to train in their original civvies and broom sticks (Brooks, p.34). Black soldiers were not even in the field at first, instead they had subordinate jobs like unloading ships. African Americans were not meant to fight this war because with the guidance of the white man, he couldn’t do anything. Even back home they were disgraced. Not being given a proper send of, they were not able to be a part of a parade - a parade- because black was not a color of the rainbow (Brooks, p.63). That is just absurdity. How do can justify a discrimination based on the colors of the rainbow? In fact, where is the color white on the rainbow. Unless I am ignorant of my
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