The War Of Iraq War Essay

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Baghdad in 2006 was a place of bias, controversy, and terror. The capital of Iraq was shaking not only by their new government that reflected dealmaking not meritocracy but, also with an internal religious struggle that was peaking with seventy or more deaths a day. Death was far too easy in Iraq, the United States was in the search for the for the best approach in a hostile environment where the identity of the enemy is masked by the surrounding civilians. The pending question that comes from the war in Iraq war, What is the right approach to for the U.S. military to take in Baghdad. When the Bush Administration took a look at their current state they were in and they found three approaches that were all very different. To get out, to hand over Iraq back to the people after stabilizing it, and the surge were the options that the President and his advisors had to choose from. Three options were brought up to the Bush Administration. The first approach was brought up and supported by the Iraq Study Group as well as Bush’s new Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates. It can be stated quite simply, Get out of Iraq. This approach may not have been the most ideal but, in Baghdad 2006 was a deadly time for all people involved since enemy attacks had risen a third higher than the year before. Major controversy was also going down within the US military regarding the question of who the enemies were. The unknown frightened many because it was a clear flashback to Vietnam, as well it

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