The War Of The Civil War

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The United States has seen its fair share of wars, but the Civil War would prove to be one of the most significant wars fought on US soil. The war took place over a four year period, beginning in April of 1861 and ending in May of 1865 (Reid). The issues surrounding this war have become a political controversy over the years. Many saw the war as an end to slavery while others argue that the war was fought to determine the independence for the Confederacy or for the Union’s survival. The Confederacy, otherwise known as the South, consisted of eleven states. At the time, there were thirty-four states, both North and South, involved and of those states, seven of them were considered to be southern slave states. These states declared their secession and became what is known as the Confederate States of America. The northern states who remained loyal were considered to be the Union. The president during the time of this turmoil was Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s views were often supported by the Republicans in the North. The North wanted to abolish slavery and stop the South from seceding, but the South felt it was a violation of their constitutional rights. Both sides found themselves arguing their case and when a compromise was not reached, the war began. It was the Confederate forces that took aim first. They fired upon the Union at Fort Sumter in South Carolina. The Confederacy’s actions would lead to a series of battles, engagements, sieges, and an abundance of blood shed along

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