The War Of The Cold War

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After WW2 came to an end the world was thrown into a new conflict, the Cold War. This was primarily between the free democratic nations led by the USA and the communist countries led by the USSR, It was a battle between capitalism and communist ideology. An Iron Curtain (As can be seen in the image below) was formed, Winston Churchill labelled this the ‘Iron Curtain’ because of the split in European countries. The split could clearly be seen in east and west Berlin. Germany was split into two countries after their WW2 defeat. Over time, the discrepancy between the two sides was obvious with differences in living standards in West Germany and the living conditions in East Germany. Many tried to avoid communism with the Soviets invading and occupying many European countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. A lot of people attempted to flee East Germany in the search of a better life in West Germany, but any chances were ceased when a four-metre high and 100km+ long fence was built. Several civilians were mistreated by the leaders of the USSR and without doubt Joseph Stalin was one of those leaders, he sent his own civilians to Gulag camps were most people spent their entire lives working. The capitalist system of government allowed citizens to live a free-flowing life. The capitalist society develops a social hierarchy and allows freedom. An example of the difference in social hierarchy is a rubbish man earning $35000 compared to a doctor earning

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