The War Of The Second World War II Essay

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When news of the United States’ involvement in World War II was made known in 1940, Congress imposed a draft for men ages eighteen to thirty-seven. This was a way for them to join the fight against the axis powers. This particular war is noted as the most brutal war throughout all of history. Out of the men who registered to draft, many of them were also involved in what would be called the most popular battle of the Second World War, or the invasion of Normandy. The Invasion of Normandy, other wise referred to as D-Day occurred June 6th 1944 when allied forces invaded the border of Normandy and pushed the German forces back through France. Over one hundred thousand American, British, and Canadian forces landed on several beaches along the region. While the German numbers had already greatly thinned due to the war in Russia, D-Day and the Allies continued the further ruin of their troops. The victory over the Axis powers was accomplished through the efforts of all those within the allied powers including Britain and Canada however, the main focus of this research is the United States’ involvement in the D-Day invasion. As previously mentioned the Invasion of Normandy had a huge affect on the war itself, but how has it affected the United States overall? Did the United States’ involvement in the battle pave a way to its victory? However the Invasion of Normandy affected certain aspects within the war, it definitely had an impact from an American standpoint. This paper argues
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